About Edcamp

For the last couple of years, we've used this clip from Kristen Swanson's TED Talk to help explain our unconference. No time to watch the complete talk? We cued it to start at 4:44 and recommend watching it up to 6:20. Beyond that point, you will hear from Kristen how the Edcamp movement got started. We particularly like sharing this clip as it pokes fun at what one might expect from a DOE professional development day.

EdCamp Indy, EdCamp Fort Wayne, and Edcamp Google at Wayne Township are established Indiana Edcamps, and we are very excited to take on the Edcamp brand for our annual coach unconference. We anticipate even more Indiana Edcamp opportunities for educators in the next year.

To learn more about the Edcamp movement and to support the Edcamp Foundation, please visit http://www.edcamp.org/